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Steve's Vintage Snowmobiles

Sled buying tips

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Sled buying tips
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Tips when buying a Vintage snowmobile

  • The first Question you have to ask yourself is how much work am i willing to put into this sled?
  • Is this sled in your price range?
  • The look over all points of the sled From the Ski's back. Make sure to Take a good look at the track and chassis. If the track is all torn and the tunnel is bent then you know the sled has been abused.
  • Is the condition of the sled in line with the price?
  • Does it run?
  • If No Make sure engine is complete  and do basic compresion and spark tests.
  • If it is seized try and determine if is is rust or heat seized.
  • If it does run. First Put your hand on top of the engine to see if the owner warmed it up before you came . Then start it up and let it idle when idling the RPM's should stay about the same. Then Vary throttle positions and look for any bog off the line.
  • Always try and work out a deal. Most people want these pieces of "junk" off their property.

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