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Steve's Vintage Snowmobiles

My sleds Specs

My sleds Specs
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Welcome To my Page
I am a 15 year old, vintage sledhead i currently have 3 vintage sleds and have had many others in the past. I am always looking for a new project.

1971 Arctic cat Lynx 303 wankel
Top speed-50
handling(out of 10)-6.5
DISTINCT TRAITS- The Wankel Power plant is sweet nothing like it. It has its own unique sound thats like nothing else. The ski's however are too heavy and the steering is clunky and not smooth. It Has an Tillotson HL carb which is very reliable.
1971 Arctic cat lynx 292
Top speed- 45
Handling (out of 10)-6.5
Distinct Traits-This engine makes good power for its size but the carb is very finicky. You can never have the The carb tuned correctly. The carb is a tillotson HR70B its a piece of junk. Always watch out for the crank seals they are known to go on this engine.
1979 Ski-doo Citation 300
Top speed-55
handling (out of 10)-8.99
Distinct Traits- Great Engine the 294 Twin has great Acceleration and always starts right up. The only problem is that the engine floods easily if you prime it a little to much. I always go with two in and outs of the plunger not 3 like it recomends and it starts up. The handling is great it is a little bit tippy if your not leaning correctly because of its light weight. A ski widening kit is a great upgrade for this sled.

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